4 Secrets To Getting Insane Web Traffic Conversions

Many small business owners are obsessed with generating traffic to their websites. 

But if none of the traffic buys, then the money and effort on generating traffic is wasted.

They now have a conversion problem.

This article will reveal 4 secrets that will help you increase web traffic conversions.

These methods have been used by me and my clients for many years and have proven to be successful.

1. Good Vibes

Every aspect of your website needs to have a good vibe about it.

Visitors will not trust websites that are poorly designed and doesn’t look professional.

For instance, here’s a website I stumbled on for my daughter’s piano lessons:

Awful right? When my daughter looked at the website, she told me she didn’t want to have piano lessons there.

It was very unprofessional and implied that their teaching would be the same.

In comparison, look at this piano lesson website:

Do you see the difference?

Which website would you contact for piano lessons?

Your website represents your business. So make sure you hire a professional to give your website a makeover.




2. Your Call To Action


Every webpage should have a clear call to action.

Whether it’s registering for a webinar, listening to a podcast or contacting you for more information.

A lot of the times a visitor will arrive on a web page and get confused as to what they should be doing. The call to action is not clear.

For example, if you have a picture of a cool looking pair of shoes, you’ll need a ‘Buy’ button and a ‘More Details’ button underneath it.

There has to be no doubt on what the call to action is for the visitor on a particular webpage.

You should minimize the number of choices a person has on each webpage.


The less choice you give to a user, the higher your conversions will be for your intended purpose.

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3. Don’t Follow The Herd


When you see a landing page that impresses you, by all means copy the style and adapt it to your business.

Whether it’s a webpage that offers registration for a free gift, a webinar page, thank you page or a pop-up box.

If it looks good, adapt the style to your website (but don’t blatantly copy).

However… if you see every Tom, Dick and Harry start using it, then it’s time to stop using it yourself.

When your prospects see that you have the same style of webpages, graphics or advertisement as other businesses, it will appear ordinary.

You’ll be the same as everyone else. You won’t stand out. Your conversion rates will drop.

This has happened to me and my students time and time again.

So when will you know that it’s time to stop using the same format of a webpage that is converting well for you at the beginning?

The answer is in the next final tip….


unbelievable offer4. The Mother Of All Secrets


Testing is where huge profits are made.

Whether it’s your Facebook ad, your landing page, pop up box or the headlines used in your emails, you should always test them to see if you can improve on it.

Even if your registration page converts more than 60% of visitors into subscribers, you should always split test it with another page to see if you can beat it.

But if an advertisement is working well, wouldn’t split-testing it with another version waste your money?

The answer is YES. Which is why you don’t split-test it 50% with another version.

If you’re spending $100 a day on ads, spend $20 on another version to see if you beat the conversion rates. This way, you can still test and make use of your high converting asset.

So for example, if you have a free offer to get visitors to subscribe to your list, test the conversion rates of each offer:

  • 6 pack abs ‘How To’ video tutorial
  • 6 pack abs ‘How To’ report
  • 6 pack abs ‘How To’ video and report

It’s anyone’s guess which offer will convert. So the answer is, let the market decide by testing each offer with your advertisement.

The next step would probably be to test the headline of your ad:

  • The secret to….
  • How to….
  • Discover…

Again, it’s anyone’s guess which headline will convert better.

By continuously testing each aspect of your online funnel, you can turn a loser into a winner in a short amount of time.

So the next time your advertisement doesn’t work, don’t give up. Tell yourself that you have data to show what doesn’t work.

Your job is to make changes and see what does work.

A good example is Facebook ads. Many people fail with Facebook advertising and give up on it. But if the majority have not tested their ad with different images. They have used one version based of the image on their own judgement and give up when it doesn’t work.

Testing is the mother of all secrets when it comes to getting insane web conversions.

These 4 secrets will help you on the way to achieving insane web traffic conversions.

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