7 Steps To Increase Email Responses

While social media is important for business, email marketing is THE tool that gets the sale.

But to make emails effective, you have to get subscribers to actually receive and respond to them.  

Have you ever spent hundreds of dollars on Facebook Ads to get subscribers and realise that a portion of them don’t even open your emails?

That’s money down the drain. You need to avoid this.

Here are 7 steps to help you increase your email responses…


1. Choosing The Right Autoresponder


The first rule for a successful email campaign is getting your email delivered to the person’s inbox.

A good autoresponder service will work with ISPs and ensure your email is delivered properly.

If you’re using a free autoresponder… STOP!

Showing your subscribers that you’re using a free service will hurt your credibility.

Instead choose a paid autoresponder that has high email delivery rates.

That extra money you pay is well worth it to get your emails delivered to the person’s inbox.


2. Email Subject Title


The objective of your subject title is to make the subscriber open your email.

Don’t try and be clever and try to do too much.

To make them open your emails, make them see what they can benefit and make them curious with what you have to say.

Remember… Benefit and Curious.

You can achieve this by making the title:

– beneficial
(e.g. 9 Ways To Get…)

– curious
(e.g. A Secret Way…)

– shocking
(e.g. I Just Got Ripped Off)

– personal and conversational
(e.g. pls reply now…)

– scarcity
(e.g. only 9 copies left)

What’s the point of having subscribers on your list if they don’t even open your emails?

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3. Don’t anger Gmail


Gmail is by far the most popular email client.

So it makes sense to please this giant.

The thing that drives most business owners insane is having their emails appear in Gmail’s Promotion Tab instead of the Primary inbox.

This is probably why your new subscribers are not opening your Welcome emails.

To increase your chances of your email appearing in the Primary inbox, show a maximum of 2 links in your email.

This does not include the ‘Unsubscribe’ link which you have at the bottom of your email.

I found that placing more links in your emails will have Gmail deliver them to the Promotion Tab.

I tend to play it safe and have only one link in my first email to ensure it gets delivered properly.

4. Pull your subscribers along


Couple hiking help each other silhouette in mountains, sunset and ocean. Male and woman hiker helping each other on top of mountain climbing, beautiful sunset landscape.

With your first Welcome email ask your subscribers to white list your email address by adding it to their contact address book.

This is important so that your future emails have a good chance of arriving in their Inbox.

You need to pull your subscribers along and help them get your emails.

You cannot leave it up to them.

You can also pull them along to read your emails by teasing them.

At the end of your emails what I normally do is tell them what exciting things they can expect in the coming days.

For example, “you’ll get my free checklist tomorrow. Look out for it!”

These sort of teasers will make your subscribers pay attention to your emails and even search for them in the Promotion Tab 🙂

Note: So far these are easy tips on improving your email responses.

Now we go on to more advanced strategies which not many people know about or do to ensure their emails get delivered…

5. Don’t copy other people!


Did you know that copying other businesses will actually do more harm than good?

For instance, in my industry many well-known marketers insert images and video thumbnails in their emails.

This increases response from subscribers… there’s no doubt about it.

However, this also gets your email delivered to the spam folder or Promotion Tab.

In the past, I tried inserting a video thumbnail into my email and it got delivered to the spam folder every time.

I persevered and a few months later, I tried it again and an email with a video thumbnail arrived in the Inbox at last!

But a few months later, it changed again.

The lesson here is… having images or video thumbnails in your email will always be frowned upon by the email providers.

You don’t know when it will trigger off their spam detectors.

Nowadays, I don’t even show an image of my company logo at the top of my emails. To me, getting delivered to the inbox is much more important.

So play it safe. Avoid having images and video thumbnails in your emails. Rely on having great email content.

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6. Get replies

Cartoon Character of mail with Loudspeaker

Here’s a neat trick to increase responses to your emails.

It ensures that your emails always arrive in your subscribers’ inbox.

And the trick is… get them to reply to you via email.

Gmail recognizes whether someone replies to your emails or not.

So if someone writes an email to you then Gmail will know not to deliver it to the Spam or Promotion Tab ever again.

I found that this works especially well if you do it twice.

So your objective is to get your subscriber to reply to you… twice.

Here’s how you can do this…

In your Welcome email and/or your second email, offer them a special report or a special 20% discount coupon.

They need to reply to your email and tell you which city they live in or what business they’re in etc…

Once they reply to you, send them a link to download the free report or discount coupon and then ask them another question to get a response.

You can try this method once a month with all your subscribers and hopefully more and more of them will reply to you.


7. Update Your SPF Record

Cartoon Character of mail with sign

Now we’re going to get a little technical.

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework.

It tells the ISPs that you’re indeed the person who is sending the email.

Not someone forging your email and pretending to be you.

So if the autoresponder company is sending emails with your email address then adding the autoresponder’s domain to your SPF Record will improve your email delivery rates.

Not many people talk about this but I can ensure you… it makes a difference!

With aWeber, I need to add include:send.aweber.com to my domain’s SPF Record.

With your autoresponder, it will be different.

So here are the steps to make implementing this very simple…

Step #1: Contact your autoresponder via email / chat and tell them that you want to update your SPF Record.

Ask them what you should enter. It will be something like Include:send.aweber.com

Step #2: Contact your web host and tell them that you want to update your SPF Record with what your autoresponder company has given you.

They will either do it for you or tell you how to do it.

Step #3: Check if your SPF’s record is successfully updated by using this free tool


That’s it! Simple right.

Using these 7 steps, you are now miles ahead of a lot of people in getting your emails delivered properly.

The advice you have now gained will help you increase responses to your emails which in turn will increase sales.

Next Step… 

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