5 Online Marketing Mistakes

Business owners work hard in their daily operation and strive to provide the best service possible.

But a lot of the times, the online marketing aspect of the business is neglected.

It doesn’t make sense when you think about it considering it is ‘marketing’ that helps a business gets customers and grow. 

Here are 5 online marketing mistakes that I see businesses make that leave a lot of money on the table.

1. Boring

bored marketing

Just because your prospects expect you to look and behave like a professional, does not mean that your marketing needs to be boring.

It’s hard to get someone’s attention nowadays with all the distractions in our lives such as promotion leaflets, Facebook newsfeeds, video games and hundreds of emails every day.

So you must stand out with your marketing otherwise you’ll be lost in the crowd. Boredom kills attention.

You can start by using day to day conversational language in your marketing which is easier for people to read and make it seem like you are talking to them individually.

Try to entertain your readers with your content such as informing them of a shocking fact and be more light-hearted with your communication.

If you wrote an article that bores the socks off your reader, it doesn’t matter if it contains excellent information – they won’t read past the first 2 paragraphs.

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2. Targeted Traffic

Marketing online is one of the most important methods of generating new customers. Almost all businesses focus on SEO (search engine optimization) but there are 2 problems with this approach.

Number 1, the process is slow and requires a lot of work to rank your website on top of the search listings.

Number 2, the search engine algorithm changes frequently. You may drop from the first page of Google to the 3rd page within the next day or so – you don’t know. It’s a roller coaster ride which needs constant attention.

A better approach is to focus on paid traffic.

Once you know which ads are working well and how much money it costs to generate a customer for your business, you can scale it by spending more money on your ads.

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3. Serving New Visitors

What do you see when you look at the top section of most business’ websites?

Answer: Their telephone number and email address.

What are the chances of new visitors phoning or emailing you because of this top section?

Answer: very low unless they already have an intention to buy before they arrived on your website.

The key to marketing to new visitors is to get their email address.

You can then communicate with them regularly and promote your services which increases your chances of getting the sale.

To get their email, asking them to sign up to your newsletter is not enough. That’s too boring in this day and age.

A much better approach is to offer them a free report that they can download.

This free report must be valuable so that they’re willing to give up their email for, such as “7 Steps To Hiring The Right Web Designer”.

Capturing visitors’ email address is essential with online marketing. It is the best way to stay in contact and persuade them that you’re the business they should buy from.

4. Repeat Business

I remember hiring a lawyer a few years ago for my commercial lease. Let’s call him Nigel. Now Nigel was a very professional and nice person. Most importantly, he got the job done.

A few months later, my brother needed a lawyer for his business. I didn’t recommend Nigel to him. Actually, a few months later, I chose a different lawyer for myself for a Power of Attorney.

I didn’t hire Nigel because I didn’t have an ongoing relationship with him. Also, I didn’t have a good enough reason to find the invoice and contact him again.

This is the cost of not having a repeat sales funnel in your business.

If you have an email marketing strategy in place, you could stay in regular contact with your clients and remind them of your existence and of your expertise.

If you haven’t already, start implementing your sales funnel today and start getting repeat buyers.

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5. Tracking

A huge mistake I see many business owners make is NOT tracking their advertisement.

For example, if you have a rush of new prospects over a short period of time, was it due to:

– Your increase in search engine rankings?
– The new article about your business that was just published?
– The paid advertisement that you just launched?
– Your YouTube video?
– The new post on your blog?
– etc…

To increase sales with the least amount of work, you need to track which channel is generating you the most number of customers.

If you know that a channel is not working in generating sales, stop doing it.

If you know that a channel is generating a lot of sales for you, do more of it.

Without tracking, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not.

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