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If you would like to grow your business online and generate more clients, my one on one coaching can help you achieve those goals.

With the monthly coaching program, we meet up every fortnight on Skype, where I personally work with you to increase your online profits. My aim is to give you an insane ROI so that you can pay the coaching with your extra profits.

I also have 'done for you' services if you decide you want to outsource creating your website, email campaigns, advertising campaigns and sales copywriting.

Your Application

I do have a set of criteria when it comes to clients that I work with. This is because I prefer to work with people who I like and who I know will take action and succeed if we do work together since it takes up a lot of my valuable time.

The benefits of only working with selected clients is that I know I can help them and achieve success 100%. On the other hand, working with clients who are not a right fit, will take up a lot of my time and it frustrates both parties when the results are less than desirable.

To qualify for the private coaching, you need...

1. Have an existing business that sells ethical products or services. If your business is related to the pyramid, get-rich-quick or adult industry then I am not a suitable coach for you.

2. To be willing to invest in your business. This includes the time spent working on your business, money spent advertising your business  and outsourcing tasks.

3. To be an action taker and follow instructions. The majority of successful people take action quickly which is the type of person I want to work with.

Your Next Steps

If you would like me to personally work with you to double or triple your profits then fill out this application form and we can schedule a time to discuss the coaching.

Be detailed with your answers so that I know if I can help you or not with the personal coaching. I would let you know right away if I think that I can't help you after going through your application.

The investment for the coaching program depends on the amount of help you would need from me. Normally, students will start off at the lower end and upgrade to the more advanced levels once they've made sufficient progress and profits.

>>> Fill out this application form <<<

Private VIP  Coaching

If you would like to me work with you for an entire day so that you can make huge progress and have everything planned and even parts of it implemented in your business, then the Private VIP Coaching is what you need.

For the entire day, I will go through your whole business and together we'll create a business plan together. I will strategically plan your business growth and tackle any challenges you have so that you know exactly what to do for the next 12 months.

If you want privacy so that you can 'share your books' with me, the Private VIP Coaching is perfect for this reason.

If you cannot meet me in the UK then you I may be able to travel to you as long as the travelling expenses are covered. And if travelling is not an option for you, the coaching can also be done on Skype.

Again, Private VIP Coaching is not available to everyone. You need to fill out the application form firsand we can then schedule a time to discuss.

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