What People Say About


Terry Dean

Business Coach, Florida, U.S.

“Excellent email marketing skills with the technical knowledge to back it up. You can trust him to help you in your business.”

Janet Clark

High Ticket Sales Expert, Massachusetts, U.S.

“The ROI I got from working with him is like 10X. He was well worth the investment and somebody I would highly recommend.”

“Proved to be a great mentor to me and my business”

"I was exceptionally pleased with his knowledge, professionalism, response time, and pricing.

I came to like him personally, mostly because of his personality and integrity. I found him to be very friendly, and a good family man.

I highly recommend his work, and strongly urge you to hire him for whatever your needs may be. 

He also critiqued my copywriting, and provided me with positive constructive criticism and feedback.

He proved to be a great mentor to me and my business, and provided excellent advice for me going forward."

Bill Hartman

North Carolina, U.S.

Shahid Amar

Retailer - Manchester, U.K.
“More than 20% of my revenue”

Thank you very much for helping me generate a ton of leads consistently and improving my website conversions.

The email campaign has been going exceptionally strong and is more than 20% of my revenue. 

The emails you've written have been incredible...

“Fully completed a job until it was the best outcome possible”

"Alan was the first tech person I hired who fully completed a job until it was the best outcome possible despite a lot of unexpected challenges.

His communication was awesome and I was so relieved to not have to worry about my funnel at all. I'm excited to talk with him about my next project."

Trisha Mandes

Trisha Mandes

Weight Loss Expert - South Carolina, U.S.

David Williams

Owner of Digital Underground Sales and Marketing - Georgia, U.S.
“Alan’s FB PPC training was extremely valuable”

"Alan’s FB PPC training was extremely valuable. Alan answered my specific questions and also gave me some incredible insights on the FB PPC platform. Because of Alan’s training I am very confident on my ability to create a successful campaign.

Contact Alan when you need to understand FB PPC on a fundamental and practical level."

“You have managed to quadruple my earnings”

"Alan, I’m over the moon with the techniques you’ve shared with me.

I used the emails you gave me and the results have blown me away.

From earning slightly less than $500 a month with my emails, you have managed to quadruple my earnings with a few additional messages."

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 12.31.55

Colin Cheung

Online Entreprenuer - Birmingham, U.K.

John Raccine

California, U.S.
“100% dedicated to the success of his students”

"He is one of the most knowledgeable and honest guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

He has achieved success in a way that so many people want, but no one is teaching since it works so darn well.

I highly respect him and admire the way he coaches and is 100% dedicated to the success of his students"










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