Fionn Patrick – Winning Bigger & Better Clients Without Pitching

Fionn Patrick – Winning Bigger and Better Clients Without Pitching


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Fionn Patrick is a coach from the UK who specialises in helping business coaches & consultants win bigger & better clients quickly… without pitching.

This means it doesn’t involve speaking on stage, podcasting, blogging, spending on paid ads or creating funnels. Fionn thinks it’s the fastest way to build a coaching/consulting practice.

In this episode, Fionn reveals:

3:12: How did Fionn become an Entrepreneur?
09:21: His strategy on why he only works with a few clients
11:06: How will Fionn help a plumber?
15:16: Fionn current project – The Law of Traction
21:09: Essential ingredients for a business to grow
24:21: Fionn’s marketing tips for a new business owner and his special message
29:00: What does his typical working day look like?


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