How To Convert More Than 50% of Visitors Into Subscribers

Generating traffic to your website is easy.

The hard part is getting the visitors to become your subscribers.

Today, I’m going to show you how to build the perfect landing page to generate subscribers.

How To Convert More Than 50% of Visitors Into Subscribers

If your traffic source is targeted and of good quality, then the following tips would help you increase your conversions.

1. A Good Beginning


Your advertisement affects the conversions of your landing page.

Whether you’re advertising on Facebook or whatever… the rules apply to all.

Make sure visitors know exactly what they’re going to get after they click on the link in your ad.

If your ad promises that they’ll receive a SEO report then they will likely subscribe when they see a landing page offering a SEO report.

In contrast, if your ad asks the user click on a link to learn about generating more traffic, the visitor will be slightly confused when he sees an offer for a SEO report. 

The slight confusion will cause him to leave right away.



2. Your Attention Grabber











After clicking on your ad, the first thing that will grab their attention is the landing page’s HEADLINE.

Your headline must achieve 3 things.

  • Explain the benefits
  • Make visitors curious about your free offer
  • Ensure the visitors have landed on the right webpage

The following is an example of a headline that will work very well when shown to the right visitor.

“Watch 3 Case Studies That Reveals How Newbies Can Service Their Own Car And Save Hundreds Of Dollars”


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3. Look Like A Million Bucks!


Your landing page needs to look clean and professional.

If your webpage looks poor, visitors won’t trust you enough to provide their email address to download your free gift.

The appearance of your landing page is very important.

Take a look at LeadPages at

It’s a software that helps you implement professional looking webpages.

You can use their high converting templates and just customize with your own words and images.

However, the software requires a monthly payment which does add up.


4. Show Testimonials / Results


To further make your free gift irresistible, show testimonials of your subscribers using your free gift.

If you don’t have testimonials for the particular free gift then show testimonials of how pleased people are with your service.

You can also show the results the visitors will have if they had your free gift.

The objective is to add another persuasion element to your landing page so that visitors don’t need to think twice about giving you their email address.


5. Test Your Free Gift


Always create several free gifts and test them against each other.

The free gift could be a video:

  • explaining how to service your own car
  • showing what to do if your car breaks down
  • explaining how to prepare your car for a long journey

Which of the 3 above offers will work best in converting a visitor to a subscriber?

It’s anyone’s guess. 

A lot of the times, people will subscribe when they see a great gift no matter how poor the landing page is.

So test your free offers to find the best one.

The difference in conversions could be huge.


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6. Headlines, images and description


To create a high converting landing page, you also need to test other elements.

Here are the things you need to test in order…

  • Different headlines
  • Images
  • Description

There’s no secret to creating a high converting landing page right off the bat.

Testing is essential.

After you’ve tested what your best free gift is, test the headline and then the image and then the description.

Every little increase in conversions will help in keeping your advertisement costs down.

These 7 steps will help you to convert more than 50% of visitors into subscribers.

What you need next is to generate traffic to your website and test your landing pages with targeted visitors.


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